Ok, so we’re not the best spellers in the world…but we do know great spots to ride – and Glorieta Baldy ranks up there. New Mexico, for all you mountain bike bums, is a great place…Los Alamos, Shirley MacLean’s Driveway, Cibola (and the Firing Range)…all great riding.

It’s namesake, Glorietta Baldy, is our little corner of the world where we can support bike culture and serve up Bedstuy's best selection of craft beers, artisanal spirits, and NY State wine.


  • Weekdays: 4pm – 4am
  • Weekends: 2pm – 4am

Happy Hour

  • Every weekday from 4pm until 7pm we sell every drink in the bar for $1 less than our normal listed price.